5 Best Cities to Find a Job in USA

When looking for a job, the first thing you probably think of is:

Where can I find a job that’s right for me?

This quantitative metric was developed by researching the number of job openings on some job board. The more job openings a city has, the more likely you will find something that fits you.

It’s also a good indication of how a city is doing: a high number of available jobs is a sign of a city’s economic wellbeing.

What makes a city one of the best for jobs?

The study looked at hiring opportunity (a ratio of job openings to population), cost of living, and job satisfaction equally to find out. All the cities in the Top 5 have an average job satisfaction rating between 4.3 to 4.8 out of 5.

Best Cities to Find a Job

1. Chandler, AZ
Chandler boasts the highest growth rate amongst cities and a well-educated workforce with nearly 75 percent of adult residents having attended college. 40 percent of Chandler’s adult residents possess a bachelor’s or advanced degree. Chandler residents earn among the highest wages in the Greater Phoenix area with an estimated median household income of $75,633.

2. Scottsdale, AZ
Good weather year round makes Scottsdale a popular tourist destination, so it’s no surprise that Scottsdale boasts a healthy tourism industry, including destination spas and booming nightlife.

3. San Francisco, CA
The epicenter of the tech industry in the U.S., San Francisco boasts some of the highest paying jobs — and highest cost of living — in the country.

4. Peoria, AZ
Peoria was tied with Chandler for the highest employment growth amongst cities. The city sees its future growth in advanced business services, manufacturing, bioscience, health care, and scientific and technical services.

5. Plano, TX
Plano has headquarters for several major corporations, including Bank of America Home Loans, Frito-Lay, and FedEx Office.