About Us

The entrepreneur brothers – Tsvetan Valchev and Marian Valchev saw that the COVID-19 pandemic situation is going to lead to millions of lost jobs and decided to find a way to help all those people who lost their jobs. Only in the USA there are millions of unemployed people. Many people have lost their homes, properties and etc, so we had to find a way to help them. 

This is how the MyFitJob website and its services were born.

Tsvetan and Marian are people who always want to help others. They are not born wealthy and they know what it means to have no money, to have no food, to have no roof over your head and be looking for a job when there are not many available jobs.

Some of our services are free and some of our services are paid a small fee so we can cover our expenses. 

We know that currently these are hard times for everyone looking for a job and if there was a way we would do all our services for free, unfortunately we need to pay salaries and other expenses.

If anyone is super bad financially and he/she can not pay our small fees please contact us so we can find a way to help you!
No one should be starving at this hard Covid-19 pandemic situation!

Tsvetan Valchev
Marian Valchev