• Qualifications Master’s Degree
  • Preferred Sector Other
  • Preferred Work Schedule Full-time Job
  • My Experience 8 Years +
  • Last Job Title Repair Center Manager
  • Desired Job Title Repair Center Manager, Operations Manager/Director, Start Ups Manager



A Leadership Position in Operational Management to further enhance his career taking on new challenges with multi-national companies. Interested in working with multi-national start-up companies in Vietnam, Singapore, UK, USA, and Japan.



A highly motivated, goal-focused and dedicated multi-lingual management professional with widely diverse experience & skills of working in Japan and the USA within the following areas:


  • Business Experience & Skills
    • 3PL Facility & Robot Repair Center start-up experience (Heavy Industrial Machine Parts, Mazda Parts, Land Rover Parts, Ford Parts, Mc. Donald, Softbank Robotics Nao, Pepper, and Whiz Autonomous Cleaning Robot)
    • 6 sigma process improvement (Inbound Receiving, Packaging, Outbound Picking to Shipping, Parts Inventory Management and Robotics Repairs)
    • Project Management (ISO9001 & 6 Sigma DMAIC)
    • Negotiation Skills (Suppliers and External Global Clients)
    • Working experience in multi-diversity cultural organizations both in Japan (Tokyo/Kawasaki) and USA (Boston, MA)
    • People management skills (40-60 Plus people)
    • Quality & Inventory Accuracy Management (Parts Services)
    • Multi- lingual communication skills
    • Logistics and Robot Repair Operational Leadership & Mentoring Skills
    • Repair Warranty Claims reporting and improvement
    • Presentation skills
    • IT/WMS knowledge & data analytical skills
    • Sales & data collection skills
    • Excel, Ms. Word, Ms. Power Point, Ms. Visio, MSP, and Ms. Access, Minitab
    • Salesforce System User and KPI Reporting
  • Management Knowledge & Skills
    • 6 Sigma BB specialized in DMAIC
    • CPS Production System: People(P), Quality (Q), Velocity (V), and Cost (C)
    • Knowledge in management standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, ITSM, PMBOK)
    • Robot Open Box Audit (OBA) Management
    • 3rd Party Repair Vendor Management
  • Language & Other Skills
    • English (Fluent), Japanese (Business), Vietnamese (Conversational), Cantonese (Conversational)
    • English & Japanese Driver’s License


Profile Summary:

Chicco is married and currently lives in Boston, MA USA. He specializes in industrial and hi-tech start-ups with multi-national companies in Japan and the US, and has more than 3 years of sales, 3 plus years of recruiting, more than 3 years of ISO 9000, 14001 consulting, and 10 years plus of 6 Sigma project/process improvement & supply chain management in logistics, productions and robotics repair, coupled with operational and quality management experiences in distribution center, working with Japanese and multi-national companies in Japan. Chicco’s strong point is his experiences achieved in the start-up of the logistics facility at Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc., in 2007 and Softbank Robotics, Inc. for Pepper Repair Center in 2014. During the start-up at Caterpillar, Chicco lead 6 sigma improvement projects to reduce variations in processes, increased order to fulfillment velocity, and improved parts Inventory Accuracy for clients, saving more than $2M while managing more than 40 – 60 staffs in operations. Chicco continued his success setting up the Robot Repair Center at Softbank Robotics in 2015 to achieved capacity of 1,500 repairs per month, and reduced repair cycle time from 13.5 hours to 5 hours and reduced repair costs from $2,000 to $900 per repair.




Work experience

2016/09/05 – 2020/12/28:

Softbank Robotics, Corporation – USA

Repair Center Manager (RCM) – (Transfer)


Roles and responsibilities

  • Repair Center start-up in USA and support humanoid robot’s business expansions in Boston, MA.
  • Overall management of the Repair Center
  • Responsible all Repair Operations and Process Improvements
  • Oversee Recruiting, Interview, Training, KPIs and Reporting to Global Fleet
  • Facilitate and lead weekly repair meeting with Japan repair team
  • Manage Robot Software Upgrade, working closely with Japan QC and Repair teams, US team and regional warehouses in the USA
  • Manage and improve Open Box Audit (OBA) process for new product (whiz) deployment in the USA
  • Work as a Global QC team with Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Netherland, and UK to facilitate product improvement through product testing, data collection and improvement initiatives.
  • Manage, report and improve Repair Warranty Claim processes with Japan
  • Plans and manages Outsourcing Level 1 Repairs to 3rd Party Service Provider (El Paso/Juarez Mexico)



  • Achieved Head Count Plan from 3 FTE to 10 FTE to including investigation within 2017.
  • Team repaired and refurbished more than 2,500 Naos and 1,000 Peppers from 2017 – 2019.
  • Increased number of repair of Nao and Pepper from average 3 days to 1 day per repair engineer from 2017 to 2018, reducing average repair costs from $2,750 to $1,028 per repair.
  • Localized, managed, and deployed new industrial autonomous cleaning robot (Whiz) as part of the New Product Introduction in August 2019, with 600 Whiz deployed in first 6 months of 2020.
  • Completed 3rd Party Repair Outsourcing RFP Project through industrial research in El Paso and Juarez, Mexico through supplier selection from 5 candidates to 1 candidate completed December 22nd 2020.








2015/04/06 – 2016/09/02:

Softbank Robotics, Corporation – Japan

Repair Center Manager (RCM)


Role and responsibilities

  • Repair Start-Up to hire and support the increasing volume of repairs; supervise their integration and training to create a motivating environment for them to succeed
  • Provide leadership & strategic direction to mentor employees
  • Manage the technical knowledge to improve the skills of teams to maximize productivity
  • Organize & improve logistics, investigation and repair layout for lean processes
  • Mentoring to ensure best working environment within and between the team; including HQ, Customer Care, Logistics and external partners
  • Lead a continuous improvement effort: trend analysis around productivity levels, quality of repair work, adherence to relevant regulation and standards



  • Achieved Head Count Plan from 5 FTE to 60 FTE within 6 months
  • Achieved repair capability to deliver 1,500 robots per month
  • Increased repair performance from 13.5 hours to 5 hours per repair, while reduced repair cost per robot from $2,000 to $900


2013/04/01 – 2015/04/01:

AQ Logistics K.K

PMO/BPE Department 

Business Process Engineering Manager


Job Purpose:

  • Business Strategic Process Improvement
  • Led 3 projects (Damaged Goods, Inventory Transfers, Center Dump) to improved Internal processes that saved more than JPY 15,000,000


2007/09/14 – 2013/01/31:

Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc.

Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc. provides world-class supply chain solutions and services to its parent company, Caterpillar Inc., and more than 65 other leading corporations throughout the world.


2011/12/19 – 2013/01/31:

Integrated Logistics Services (ILS)

Supply Chain Operational Management – (Transfer)



  • Work closely with Caterpillar Purchasing, Production Control and Management to manage order fulfillment using (IFS/Production Material Skid Pack System)
  • Support, plan, and manage parts receiving, packaging, transportation, and shipping process with ILS team
  • Work closely with Caterpillar Japan team to manage Invoicing & Account Payable to client
  • Coordinate and manage the Order to Delivery and manage Suppliers Deliveries
  • Work closely with internal Purchasing and Production teams as well as external suppliers
  • Manage products return closely with Quality Control/Assurance teams



Expected Project Financial Cost Savings:

  • $2.6 M Annual (Based on 2010 volumes), $0.87 (Export Packaging), $0.84 (Freight & Forwarding Services)


2010/09/01 – 2011/12/19:

Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc.

Record Accuracy Management Department – (Transfer)

RAM & Quality Management Supervisor


Job Purpose:

  • Led 6 Sigma Project Improvements while supervises a functional team of 15 FTEs, administers Performance Development Planning (PDP), facilitates daily operations, coaches team, liaises between warehouse divisions (Inbound/Packaging/Outbound) and Support Management, and serves as client point of contact.


Job Duties:

  • Facilitate on-going records management services
  • Lead 6 Sigma Projects to improve operations
  • Control Defects & Manage Facility Quality Output
  • Lead Quality Team to reduce process defects and customer claims


Benefits & Savings:

  • People (P): Successfully encode 6 Sigma and CPS methodologies into the RAM Team making sure everyone in the team understand and able to use the methods in their job by End of 2011.
  • Quality (Q): Achieved CJL STC Piece Count Accuracy with less than 5 % Error Rate for 2011, and attained Location Audit Accuracy of 99.80% in 2011.
  • Velocity (V): Achieved MHI Cycle Count 100% Complete by End of January 2011, and reduced

MHI & CJL OSD to at least 50% by End of 2011.

  • Cost(C): Achieved CJL CP Parts to ensure 30% of locations are available all the time.


2007/09/14 – 2010/09/01:

Office of Excellence

Certified 6 Sigma Black Belts


Job Purpose:

  • As a 6 sigma BB, Chicco leads project teams (10 to 150 FTES) to improve critical business processes that drive financial results. Scope moderately complex projects; develop plans and business cases. He also recruits, trains, and leads project team members.
  • Coordinate project closely with project team, project sponsor and process owners while identifying opportunities, defining and financially justifying projects, launching project teams, and  using good project management to manage team activities, tracking project status and results, removing and elevating project barriers, and developing team members.


Performance & Achievement:

  • Help saved an Incremental profit of $2.5m from 8 projects with various degree of complexity ranging from improving People, Quality, Velocity, and Cost factors (MHI/CAT Parts Mazda, Ford, and Land Rover)
  • Trained 11 Green Belts in the projects and Certified 6 Sigma Black Belt in December 2009





2004/01/19 – 2007/09/10:

East West Consulting K.K

Industrial Sector Recruitment Consultant

  • Responsible for developing clients, while head-hunting, recruiting and interviewing candidates for placements.


2001/04/01 – 2003/12/01:

Proseed Corporation –

ISO Department

ISO9001 & ISO 14001 Coordinator/Consulting

Business: Specializes in Contact Management Center, providing business and project consulting services to IT and call centers in Japan.






1999/03/01 – 2001/03/01: Osaka University, Osaka Japan

  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (Thesis: Eco-Park and Zero Emission)


1998/01/01 – 1999/03/01: Osaka University, Department of Environmental Engineering

  • Research Associate – COPC Research Group


1996/04/01 – 1998/03/01: Kobe YMCA College, Kobe Japan

  • Intensive Japanese Language Program


1992/09/01 – 1996/03/01: Anglia University, Chelmsford Essex

  • Bachelor of Science in Housing Management

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