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  • Post Date : October 12, 2020
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Job Description

Weare seeking a Consultant in Public Health /Consultant in Public Health Medicine. You will have specific responsibility for programmes, policies and services across a range of public health priorities. The ideal candidate will have a high degree of professional autonomy and freedom to act within his/her area of expertise. A high degree of professional responsibility and integrity under the Director of Public Health is required. You will be expected to instigate, develop and maintain the highest level of directorate competence, enhancing working relationship within the directorate and within the council at all times.

Contract: 6 months

37 Hrs Monday to Friday / Wednesday to Sunday alternating between the cycle weekly

Remote working from home with the ability to attend council offices when required


  • You will have specific responsibility for programmes, policies and services across the place and people agenda.
  • To input into the development of academic teaching, research and PH workforce development, leading on portfolio areas.
  • Develop and utilise information and intelligence systems to underpin public health action across disciplines and organisations, leading collation and interpretation of relevant data
  • Responsible for a team of staff including delivering training programme as appropriate.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of a group of staff, and be responsible for the allocation/placement and supervision of qualified staff or registrars, and be responsible for teaching/delivery of core training on a range of subjects or for specialist training, and/or be responsible as a line manager for a single function
  • Will be an authorised signatory, budget holder and monitor or contribute to the formulation of department/service budgets and financial initiatives and/or be a budget holder for a department service
  • Undertake and commission relevant public health research, and commission audits / projects, and translate research findings into local public health practice
  • Provide expert public health advice and leadership to support and inform an evidence-based approach within ethical frameworks for commissioning and developing high quality equitable services, across primary, secondary and social care, and across sectors including local authorities, voluntary organizations.
  • Will have responsibility for the implementation and delivery of national and regional policies at local level, and for the development and implementation of local policies, developing inter-agency and interdisciplinary strategic plans and programmes, with delegated organisational authority to deliver a range of public health targets. Ensuring the safety of service and investigation of untoward incidents, including deaths in service
  • Participate in the organisation’s staff appraisal scheme and departmental audit, and ensure appraisal and development of any staff for which s/he is responsible
  • Contribute actively to the training programme for Foundation Year Doctors/ Specialty Registrars in Public Health as appropriate, and to the training of practitioners and primary care professionals within the locality
  • Pursue a programme of CPD, in accordance with Faculty of Public Health requirements, or other recognised body, and undertake revalidation, audit or other measures required to remain on the GMC/GDC Specialist Register or the UK Public Health (Specialist) Register or another specialist register as appropriate.
  • Practise in accordance with all relevant sections of the General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice (if medically qualified) and the Faculty of Public Health’s Good Public Health Practice.


  • Inclusion in the GMC Specialist Register/GDC Specialist List/UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) for Public Health Specialists
  • If included in the GMC Specialist Register/GDC Specialist List in a specialty other than public health medicine/dental public health, candidates must have equivalent training and/or appropriate experience of public health medicine practice
  • Public health specialty registrar applicants who are not yet on the GMC Specialist Register/GDC Specialist List in dental public health/UKPHR must provide verifiable signed documentary evidence that they are within 6 months of gaining entry at the date of interview; all other applicants must provide verifiable signed documentary evidence that they have applied for inclusion in the GMC/GDC/UKPHR specialist registers
  • Applicants must meet minimum CPD requirements (i.e. be up to date) in accordance with Faculty of Public Health requirements or other recognised body
  • Strong commitment to public health principles
  • Able to prioritise work, and work well against a background of change and uncertainty
  • Commitment to team-working, and respect and consideration for the skills of others
  • Project management skills
  • Staff management and training
  • Practical experience in facilitating change
  • Budget management skills
  • Training and mentoring skills
  • High level of understanding of epidemiology and statistics, public health practice, health promotion, health economics and health care evaluation.
  • Understanding of NHS and local government cultures, structures and policies
  • Knowledge of methods of developing clinical quality assurance, quality improvement and evidence based clinical and/or public health practice
  • Understanding of social and political environment
  • Understanding of interfaces between health and social care

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