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  • Post Date: June 24, 2020
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Job Description

Customer Insights Manager-20000F78

Applicants are required to read, write, and speak the following languages
: English

Preferred Qualifications

Customer Insights Manager

Kitchener preferred but telecommuting / remote from anywhere in US or Canada OK

We are
What We’re Looking For:
  • A savvy Customer Insights Manager to join the Design organization at NetSuite. We’re flexible on location.
  • Someone with proven success in driving value from qualitative and quantitative research.
  • A professional with experience in wrangling research findings across an organization so stakeholders can take action on those insights to improve the customer experience.
  • A thought leader who can help influence product strategy.

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate
    with other stakeholders throughout the organization who are responsible for research: Business Intelligence (BI), Competitive Intelligence (CI), Market Intelligence (MI), Product Management, Professional Services, and Customer Success (Support, Training and User Assistance).

  • Collect
    findings from these research activities across the organization and be the custodian of the data in a central research repository.

  • Curate
    sets of actionable insights through analysis of the research collection to find patterns, themes, and universal issues and opportunities.

  • Communicate
    insights with stakeholders to affect change; be relentlessly proactive about socializing actionable insights throughout the organization.

  • Contribute
    to the review and analysis of research activities with other researchers.

  • Conduct,
    on occasion, your own specific research activities (propose, plan, execute, and deliver findings).

Qualifications / Skills:
  • Degree in Social Sciences, Human Factors, Human Computer Interaction or related field, or equivalent professional experience.
  • Minimum of 8 years working in the field of UX research doing both qualitative and quantitative research.
  • A substantial portfolio showcasing a range of past research activities.
  • Extensive experience planning and executing research methodologies including customer visits, requirements gathering activities, surveys, formative and summative usability evaluations.
  • Proven success in helping stakeholders formulate a meaningful research question to be answered. Ask the right question at the right time.
  • Proven success in identifying the appropriate research methodology to answer any given research question.
  • Strong sense of independence, ownership, and initiative. Ability to self-direct and manage what to work on, how to get it done, and when to deliver.
  • Excellent organization skills and the ability to manage multiple high-profile projects in a fast-paced organization.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, analytical skills, and presentation skills.
  • Competence with research tools such as UserZoom.
  • Nice to have: experience with operationalizing Design Thinking processes in organizations.

General Skills:
  • Wear many hats: thrive in a very fluid, fast-paced, and ambiguous environment.
  • Be collaborative: work across the organization both in and outside of product.
  • Seek out clarity and if it’s not there, find it.
  • See the forest from the trees: connect distinct components to the larger picture.
  • Be comfortable with change; be an agent of change when the need is recognized.
  • Embrace ambiguity: we strive for clarity, but accept undefined is the default state.
  • Be unconstrained by role definition: contribute wherever needed to make the organization successful.

Why NetSuite?

We believe businesses should not be bogged down by the overhead of bulky data centers and expensive personnel to run it all. Businesses need to be lean, efficient and agile. NetSuite is literally transforming business around the globe by providing a cloud-based, unified system that delivers unprecedented capabilities to drive business forward. Founded in 1998 as THE cloud ERP pioneer, today NetSuite has transformed the business operations of our customers without the high costs and inefficiency of on premise systems.

At Oracle NetSuite, we care! We care about the evolution of people and business and making life a bit easier. We focus on encouraging productivity, accomplishments and job success through powerful cloud technology. We listen to the needs of our customers and users, we are passionate about fulfilling our mission to enable companies to realize their vision on the very best technology. We are looking for experts to join our NetSuite family to accelerate the evolution of our technology. By putting together a dynamic and passionate team of designers, writers, researchers, developers, and product managers we will be able to delight our customers by designing and executing next generation solutions that focus on insight, control, automation and agility.

The scope of our opportunity is endless! Yes. We’re absolutely serious. And we can’t do it without your help. We need thoughtful, talented, fearless and multi-faceted team players who love empowering users with extraordinary user experiences.

One word — Transformation. At NetSuite, we believe the cloud is here to stay and so do our 20,000+ customers. Transform your career at NetSuite. At NetSuite we work hard and we work smart. We hire fierce competitors. We hire individuals that are fearless trail blazers. NetSuite employees take the hill: we prefer action over inaction, we are tireless in our mission and we pause to celebrate our success. And we DO celebrate, because if you don’t have fun along the way, then what’s the point?

NetSuite is transforming how its customers do business. If you want to transform your career, apply now. Please send us your CV, in English, and portfolio.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Responsible for creating, evaluating and modifying prototypes to support evolving hardware and software application development.

As a member of the User Experience team, you will develop and apply software design/usability processes in the investigation of technical problems. May develop user profiles, with emphasis on human error control, display issues, visual interaction, physical manipulation and task and objective analyses. Provide product usability, evaluation and support to product development teams, including the analysis and investigation of applications/systems including tactile methods, visual graphics, web, multimedia, voice response and conversational user interaction. May assist in developing design concept and implementation, providing input on user design considerations. May produce specifications describing user needs and internal structures for product in development.

Work is non-routine and very complex, involving the application of advanced technical/business skills in area of specialization. Leading contributor individually and as a team member, providing direction and mentoring to others. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. Typically seven years of software engineering or related experience needed.


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Breakthrough Remote Job: Earn rewards for answering questions on products you already used and love. Products such as Microsoft, Linkedin, WordPress, Postmates, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Air BnB etc.

Earn rewards for answering questions on products you already used and love.

Products such as Microsoft, Linkedin, WordPress, Postmates, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Air BnB etc.

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