AI Job Finder is an artificial intelligence service which matches your desired working positions and locations and your CV/Resume against millions of jobs in our database.

When we find a matched job we apply to this job on your behalf.

How we do find you a job – Steps:

1. Your Dream Job

Determine the dream job that you want to work and let us know it.

At MyFitJob we make dreams come through, so do not waste your time with the next stupid job, but let us find you your dream job.

2. Create a Resume

Make sure that the CV/Resume has a simple format, as some ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) may reject it because they can not read it. Here is an example of a clean and simple CV/Resume. We also do not recommend putting an image in the CV/Resume, especially if you have a social media account in the CV, because the employer will see you there. You may also create a cover letter but it is optional.

3. AI Job Finder Package

Choosing an AI Job Finder Package determines how many matched jobs we will apply to. Of course the bigger the package is the lower the price per application is. Please, note that you may buy as many packages as you want to.

4. AI Job Finder finds the right job for you

Our ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE job finder service searches through millions of jobs in our database and in our partners’ network and matches your job desires and your skills, so it can find the dream job for you.

5. Applying to jobs

When the AI Job Finder finds a matched job we receive a notification and one of our representatives MANUALLY applies to this job.

6. Interview

After we start applying to matched jobs you will start getting calls/emails from Employers who will ask you to schedule an interview meeting.

7. Accept / Reject

After the interview you will decide whether this job is for you or not. You may also receive a job offer by the employer which you need to consider whether you will accept it or reject it.

8. Congratulations for the new job or We continue with the “matching” and the “applying”

    1. If you have accepted the job offer we will be very happy for you and we wish you “Good Luck”. 
    2. If you have NOT accepted the job offer we will continue matching your desires and applying on the matched jobs. (Note: We will continue applying within the limits of your “AI Job Finder Package”)
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